19 de December de 2014


Rede became one of the most valuable Brands in Brazil this year according to an Interbrand report released this month. For us, this is more than an accomplishment; it represents the value of a consistent Branding strategy, which is the result of an effective, solid Brand building effort that brings value to the business. We created this Brand in 2013 through a long process that involved a dedicated multidisciplinary team. A Brand whose mission is to become the leader in electronic payments in Brazil by using technological breakthroughs to reach all market segments. Verbally consistent, Rede speaks to every audience in a coherent way, building a proprietary visual footprint and increasing its relevance with an efficient communication strategy that is aligned with the Value Proposal we have created for the Brand. Beyond electronic payment methods, Rede shows that having a purpose and guiding its actions in order to fulfill it is what actually generates value to businesses. Do you want evidence of that? The Brand’s estimated value of R$ 470 million and the 21st position in the Brazilian ranking. This is an accomplishment for Rede, a victory for the Brand, and a reason to make us proud.

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