Energy is our direction



Looking at the world scenario, the demands of society and the desire to look into the future, we received from QGEP – Queiroz Galvão Exploration and Production – the challenge of creating its new Branding strategy, aligning Brand, Business and Communication. To this end, the project answered three questions:

• How can the company Brand enhance the business and create new associations without losing the credibility gained over the years?

• Considering the changes in the Oil & Gas market in Brazil and worldwide, what is the business strategy that ensures QGEP’s sustainability?

• How to establish a relationship with stakeholders in order to gain relevance and Brand awareness in a B2B market?


Executives, strategic partners, clients and leaders of local communities where the company operates were interviewed. We made a thorough study of the competition and benchmarks. The Branding strategy was based on the company’s business challenge, which expands the positioning of the Oil & Gas segment to the Energy segment.

For this, we established as strategic guidelines a new name and brand for a new moment, with strategic positioning in the ecosystem.


The work was developed in complete collaboration between client and agency, where the QGEP team – president, board members and executives – and the agency team – CEO, executives, strategists and creatives – repositioned the brand under a new name: Enauta.

Inspired by the argonauts, we created the energy navigators. It is a distinguished name and reinforces the attributes of the brand, pointing to the future.

The logo, inspired by nautical flags, has the color orange as a reference of the Queiroz Galvão Group’s original brand, as well as the three lines. The new green / bluish color reflects the sea and the commitment to sustainability.

“Unlocking the energy universe” is the new purpose for Enauta reinforcing the company’s commitment to the energy market in Brazil and worldwide.

We reinforce its differences, already built in the Oil & Gas segment, to reflect the new moment. The new Brand creates associations related to courage and expertise that reflected the path of success in asset exploration and production over the past 20 years, as well as reinforcing the historical commitment to sustainability actions.


The Brand comes alive with a new name, visual and verbal universes. Acting strongly in the commitment of launching the brand to the various audiences – internal public, partners and investors – with the development of branding guide and signage, we also developed the launch campaign.

Thus, we reinforce the brand’s intention to continue searching for the energy that the world needs and also the feeling of a company that is expert in the Brazilian territory and that believes in the power of the new beginnings.


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