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Multi-Ar, the leading Brand in the Brazilian climate control segment, with a 39-year history, was going through a big transition: the introduction of the 2bCapital investment fund and the structuring of new services and businesses.

A pioneer in e-commerce for this segment, Multi-Ar wanted to consolidate its ambition of becoming the biggest name in climate control, both for the public in general, and for B2B and B2C.

The time came to make the Brand stand out, and to address the typical questions for a market with very little differentiation and a high degree of informality, which was causing all of the players in its ecosystem, especially the client and the installer, to come out losing.


Despite being invisible to the end consumer, Multi-Ar was already a positive name for manufacturers, retailers and installers — who are the biggest influencers in the end consumer’s purchasing decision.

However, the market, which was driven by price wars and by quick delivery, made greater Brand loyalty by installers difficult, since they felt left high and dry when the time would come to solve problems for the consumer, and voiceless towards the big manufacturing companies and retailers.


Changing this scenario was a big opportunity to place Multi-Ar on a new level. Its stronger characteristics showed its path: its professionalism, approachability and happiness to serve would need to be at the center of everything this Brand does.

In addition to offering to actively resolve the issues around the ecosystem it belonged to and raising its level of service, Multi-Ar would need to be an example to its partners, inspiring and demanding more professionalism, excellence and simplicity, in order to gain the trust of the end consumer and contribute towards the transformation of the market.


The name Multi-Ar, descriptive yet generic, needed to be reviewed so that it could convey its new promise. Thus, it became Leveros, created based on an anagram of the word “resolve.”

Leveros conveys, in a simple and direct way, the Brand’s proposal: to resolve market issues through professionalism, simplicity, excellence of service and partnerships that generate business, and that actually make installers’ lives easier.

More than just being a national reference in climate control, Leveros wants to lead the professionalization and awareness building of the market, to increase everyone’s well-being.


With so many changes, Leveros needed a robust and proprietary visual universe that would set it apart from the competition.

Based on the concept of transition, both of the Brand and of the business, the new Brand balances “lightness” and robustness. Its visual universe is full of graphics and colors that transmit seriousness and professionalism, but also comfort and welcoming.

The use of green as a pillar of the universe reflects the pioneering spirit and innovation that are characteristic of the Brand, in addition to separating it from the typical norms for the category.



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