2 de August de 2013


“An idea, a vision, a way”. These are the principles that guide the work of Marcelo Coelho, a photographer from Minas Gerais and multi-award winner in Brazil and abroad.

Last Friday 2nd, invited by Ana Couto Branding, Marcelo was able to share some of his personal and professional journey with our collaborators and clients, some of which included representatives of Vale, P&G, Firjan, Opus, Mil Frutas, Asta, as well as the AC team from Rio de Janeiro.

By using more organic and spontaneous concepts to give life to things he sees, the idea of the photographer is to capture distinguished images, distancing himself from the traditional institutional photography and always applying the human presence in his art.

The purpose of the meeting was to create a relaxed atmosphere for discussing new trends in institutional photography, the relationship with branding and the current creative freedom of the photographer. Subjects such as imaging, lighting, and other concepts were discussed at a very pleasurable evening, with plenty of culture and inspiration.

Get to know better the photographer’s work: