Luiz Felippe Netto

Partner-Director of Business Development

Graduated in Economics from Cândido Mendes with an MBA in Administration from FGV, Luiz Felippe has worked for more than 25 years in the Growth area.

After 3 years as Commercial Director of Conspiração Filmes, he came back to Ana Couto.

Between his first stay at the agency (2007/2012) and his return in 2018, he led businesses in companies such as: Raízen, Cosan, Rede, Embraer, Vale, P&G Brasil, Teleperformance, Loungerie, Nextel, AES Brasil, Kraft Foods, Havaianas, Topper, Diageo, CBF, Fiat Brasil, Telecine, Enauta, Hapvida, Minalba Brasil, B2W (Shoptime and Submarino), Betânia, Beach Park, Softplan, VLI, and Rio Energy.