10 de June de 2013
The event will feature the presentation of lectures from our CEO, Ana Couto, and from Buscapé and Itaú executives on successful cases

Ana Couto Branding performs the forum “What does your brand do on behalf of your business? What else can it do? “. It will be on June 13th, at WTC Events Center in São Paulo (SP). The event will bring together top leaders from the corporate world in Brazil and will be held for guests only.


During the forum Ana Couto will give a lecture on Branding. The event will also feature the participation of Fernando Chacon, CMO of Itaú, and Romero Rodrigues, CEO of Buscapé – both our clients, who will present successful stories related to Branding.

According to Ana Couto, the forum aims at discussing the role of Brand Strategy towards Business, Communication as well as Business Results, besides clarifying a number of myths and truths about the subject.