2 de December de 2016

We are Brazil’s first full-service Branding agency, and we build long-term value for our clients through a clear purpose: to challenge Brands and people to discover their roles in the world. From strategy to tactics, we are here to align business, Branding and communication, co-creating solutions that generate results for our clients.

We are a multidisciplinary and collaborative team, based both in Rio and São Paulo, composed by over 70 professionals, all with the same commitment: to build connections between Brands and people. How do we do this? Using proprietary methodologies, working collaboratively with clients, and measuring results to track the actual growth of the Brands’ value. From Personality to Experience, from Communication to Engagement – all so that Brands are not just remembered, but also inspiring, exciting, and engaging. With our innovation hub Laje, we have evolved the way we work through courses, workshops, talks, and constant knowledge exchange with the market.

That’s what makes us get up every morning and build together what the Brand IS, DOES AND SAYS. That’s what we want to share with you.

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