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The CBF’s (Brazilian Football Confederation) image needed to be revitalized, in all senses. The Brand was worn out, had negative perceptions associated with it, and was disconnected from society and its people, especially among the younger generation. It needed to regain people’s trust.

With the aim of consolidating the Brand as a promotor of Brazilian soccer, we identified the following challenges to the CBF’s Branding design, within the spheres of Brand, Business, and Communication:

  • create a clear purpose;
  • build up the Brand so it could address the CBF’s future ambitions and perform better in the digital realm;
  • develop the soccer ecosystem, engaging federations and clubs;
  • advance the internationalization of national soccer clubs;
  • consolidate the movement of transformation afoot in the CBF’s administration; and
  • improve perception of the CBF Brand, involving proactive, forthcoming, and digital communication, in addition to broadening public awareness of the CBF’s work, which goes beyond the Brazilian selections.


The entire process was conducted in co-creation committees with the client, with the CBF’s executive team and the agency’s executive and creative team aligned in the construction of this story.

We performed an in-depth diagnosis and a study with fans before defining the strategic guidelines for this Brand to be able to effectively become the promotor of Brazilian soccer, with a positive impact on society.

We felt the need to move from a “passion” for soccer to a “love” for it – that kind of love that cares for someone, that wants the best for them, and that wants to build a solid relationship, showing that how the CBF feels about soccer goes well beyond a 90-minute match.


We created a versatile Brand, with the ability to be used in all different applications and able to generate new and closer opportunities and relationships. Together with the Brand, we created a proprietary visual and verbal universe to put the CBF’s purpose out to the world, as an evolution of what it means to be Brazilian – with discipline and skill.

Our visual assets convey expressions and important moments in our history, as well as people from everyday life plating the sport that is for all.

We show respect for the Brand and its history, bringing in the new, without forgetting the past. We kept the shape of the crest, as well as the cross in the center. The straight lines were given movement and were expanded to create new connections, expressing skills and resilience, both on and off the field. The graphics were inspired by the work of Brazilian artist Athos Bulcão and were created based on fragments of the shape of our crest.

Our colors were given more made stronger and more intense, bringing a modern feel to the Brand on digital media. The typography comprises two Brazilian-developed fonts, reinforcing the best of Brazil.
The tagline is a phrase that sums up what soccer means to us: joga bola (which literally means “play soccer,” but conveys the sense that soccer is the only thing that matters.) We are welcoming and inclusive, and this is the phrase we use to describe the ones with talent on the field – the stars.


The Brand is positioned as a protagonist in an engaged ecosystem, sees Brazil as a synonym for talent and skill in soccer, and understands that being innovative also involves reviving assets from the past in an emotional and engaging way.

A proactive stance conveys engagement and an understanding of the importance of creating a hub for content, of seeing the media and opinion leaders as partners, and of building strategic communication with all segments of its audience.

The CBF now has a Brand that is ready to be presented internationally in a more consolidated way. This change is taking place within the context of a new age in business, with forward-looking administration and more compliance. It takes the position of guiding and initiating dialogs with positive tones, connecting with the public, and, ultimately, engaging with the world from a different angle, showing the best of Brazil.


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