To awaken creativity

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Chamex, created in 1970 by International Paper, is today the Top of Mind Brand and the market leader in the printing and writing paper segment in Brazil. To keep up with the company’s movement, to act with consumers increasingly focused on its strategy and maintain the relevance of its portfolio in people’s daily lives, it was understood that it would be essential to develop a differentiated and proprietary positioning for the Brand, which would contribute defining clear roles for their product lines.


During the research, it was found that the category as a whole followed some premises that distanced it from the consumer, such as a speech focused on functional attributes and a concept of generic quality. In this scenario, it was understood that Chamex could be ahead by realizing that the company had in its hands the greatest symbol of creativity: a blank sheet. Thus, the Brand incorporated as a Purpose to awaken the creativity of people, companies and schools, and seeking to end the idea that creativity is a gift for the few.


For the development of the new brand and its visual universe, we started from the idea that creativity is inherent in various moments of our life, either to create solutions, solve problems or imagine what does not exist yet. We have created a friendly, close Brand, supported by a universe of dots that represents the sheet of paper: an open platform where, regardless of age or occasion, one should simply connect the dots and start creating.

Chamequinho, the submark with an emotional history with consumers, could not be left out of this change. Adopting the same Purpose of the Parent Brand, it unfolded the Visual Identity into a childish context with the transformation of the Chamequinho character to generate identification with this generation of children, gaining life, movement and becoming part of the Brand experience.


Brand Visual Identity has been deployed on the packaging of its product lines. In a quantitative survey conducted with people from all regions of Brazil, 73% of respondents agreed that the new packaging draws more attention to the Brand and 64% that it is aligned with the purpose of awakening people’s creativity. This new “face”, as well as being easily applied to Brand communication materials, fulfills the role of reinforcing Chamex’s positioning and Purpose for years to come.


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