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One of the most beloved and recognized brands in Brazil, sales leader for 11 years, created by FCA, the organization has returned efforts to consolidate the Jeep brand in the country. In addition, the car market suffers from declining sales and changes in consumer behavior, which ended up disenchanting audiences and weakening the brand’s connection with people.

In this scenario, we went on the path of these challenges: to make FIAT’s purpose emerge; make the direction of the business clearer with no room for different interpretations; reestablish close and trusting relationships between the brand and its audiences; reframing the emotional bonds that FIAT has built with the consumer; create a visual universe of impact and attraction, to generate consumer desire again; get back to having a communication that goes beyond the product itself and shares the brand’s worldview.


More than 100 years in Argentina and 44 years in Brazil.

From the beginning of the project, we knew that it was not about any car brand. And it was clear from the research that people missed FIAT. A charismatic brand that did not go unnoticed and that built a relationship of fascination and passion with its audiences.

The entire process was conducted in a co-creative manner with the FIAT executive team. Hands-on. Everyone in the same room, speaking the same language, walking in the same direction.

More than reinventing the brand, it was necessary to go back to its origins, to praise the qualities of its Italian roots and the passionate mixture with Brazil, in a way that reflected its personality attributes more clearly.

And, with this passionate mix, the brand’s purpose should also be: passionate about each path. It brings a clear vision about how FIAT sees life, in addition to addressing the idea of “path” as the streets and also how each person lives.


A brand with Italian origins and a success story in Brazil is the only one in the market that can speak and transmit with its personality half Italian and half Brazilian, concepts like “pop”, charming and spontaneous.

With FIAT, we rescued the cool side of being on the streets, everywhere, as a democratic brand. Pop, a brand that knows how to connect with everyone and shows awareness of what happens in popular culture.

We also rescued an icon from the history of FIAT and updated it in a contemporary way: the FIAT Flag, a tribute to the Italian flag, distancing itself from caricatures and expanding the visual universe of the brand, going beyond the product itself.

All the strategic and creative work was designed to consolidate FIAT as a brand that goes far beyond the automobile market, with the potential to be even more part of people’s lives at different times and to create different partnerships across the road, whether with coffee or clothing brands.


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