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Mobly is a digital-native company that is currently the largest furniture and décor e-commerce company in Brazil. Ready to take a step ahead, bringing more value and differentiation to its offer, the company wishes to position itself by building a strong Brand, in order to generate recognition and identification among consumers.


The work began with a complete diagnosis, from a business, Branding and communication perspective, as well as an in-depth analysis of market benchmarks. Next, we found a few opportunities for action, given its background as a digital startup. Rather than getting into a price war on the market, Mobly should focus on excellence in service and experience, with a special focus on the consumer.


Based on these strategic guidelines, the objective was to develop a Brand that would represent Mobly’s most valuable attributes: a superior purchasing experience, and a broad assortment of products for all tastes and price ranges. These pillars fulfilled the promise of always putting the customer first, respecting and highlighting different ways of life – the Brand’s value proposal.


Thus was born Mobly’s new brand, Mverso, a unique and proprietary identification system that conveys the variety and versatility of the range of products offered, so that users can have the home they’ve always wanted. Thinking of the online retail territory, we sought to create a brand that would have an excellent visual performance, with a diversity of elements but a clear and recognizable symbology, plus simple and friendly shapes that create a link to the Brand’s value proposal.


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