Live your body

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Natura Tododia, one of Natura’s largest and most important brands, has evolved.

The Brand has just launched its new innovative formula with Prebiotic Nutrition, which understands and adapts to what the skin needs.

How to communicate the new technology without losing the essence of this brand so close to women?

That was our big challenge: to dive into Tododia’s story and find out how to tell this evolution through a new Visual and Verbal Universe. Always being faithful to the proprietary characteristics of the brand, conquered and recognized for years among consumers.


From the realization that skin is alive and changing every day, we have developed a fluid and comprehensive universe that can lead the consumer to understand this evolution.

The graphical representation of the concept of the new formula can unfold in various ways to support the explanation of the “alived technology”.

Explanatory seals complement and support the narrative. The color palette derives from packaging and brings to life vibrant graphics and executions that value diversity.

Women are portrayed more spontaneously and naturally, sometimes interacting with other women, sometimes in moments of introspection within a sequence of images that reveals how Natura Tododia is part of their lives. A relationship built every day, in different ways. In line with the Brand personality, we adjusted the Voice Tones and evolved the Verbal Territory, seeking a language that invites each consumer to live and discover the relationship with their own body.


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