Perfect for your moment



Match Group is the largest online dating company in the world. Market leader with over 45 brands and 20 years of global operations, they opened the Brazilian market 18 years ago with the ParPerfeito brand – the largest relationship website in the country and most relevant brand of the group in Brazil.

To expand its operations in Brazil and attract new audiences, the challenge was to update its positioning, visual identity and communication.


Immersing in the universe of the Brand, it became evident that it was necessary to update the “Par Perfect Experience” completely, understanding the issues of our current society and, thus, strengthening the relationship with current subscribers, in addition to attracting a younger audience.

For this, ParPerfeito should show how much they understand the moment we live in, that a good relationship is not necessarily perfect and thus become the Brand that re-signifies the serious relationship and appropriates a unique algorithm as a differential.


The new positioning comes from discovering what people really want: a light, committed relationship that lasts as long as it can.

To bring the new ParPerfeito moment to life, the original heart of the Brand has been re-signified. The magic of algorithms that create perfect conversational and affinity connections now stands out in the symbol. With a younger language, the letter P has protagonism in identity, functioning as a platform that unites people, reveals peers, highlights texts and illustrations.

Visual and Verbal Universes and Communication were developed in a way that is suitable for different audiences and channels. Breaking the paradigm that a serious relationship must be perfect, the brand expresses itself through the concept that each person has their own momentum and ParPerfeito has the right filter.


We developed not only the Brand itself, but also its Visual and Verbal Universe and a campaign adequate to ParPerfeito’s different audiences and channels. By smashing the paradigm that a serious relationship has to be perfect, the Brand expresses itself through the concept that says every person has their momento and ParPerfeito the right filters.





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