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The category Teleperformance belongs in is constant movement, globally. Since their last communication positioning, 10 years ago, the market tried to get closer to the leader – and almost every player had very similar discurses. Next to the client, our challenge was in a deep strategic understating in Teleperformance’s main differentials, and to create a proprietary Brand territory, with a new positioning and Brand.


The company wanted to dive deep into its transformation, looking at the market’s future, widening the offer of its more strategic services and had a need to communicate this transformation. Modern, agile, and flexible in a global scale. After an intense strategic study, we created a new positioning, a new tagline that reinforces its role as a category leader and its true belief: each interaction matters.


A global leader should have an unique, rich and meaningful Brand. Disruptive in the category, capable of adapting to each client, each culture and person, reinforcing its personality in every touch point.


We translated Teleperformances’s adaptation ability – to each cliente, to each culture and person – reinforcing its personality in every touch point, making from each connection an opportunity to unite Brands and consumers.



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