Connecting Paths

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Transdata Smart is a company specialized in developing integrated ITS solutions dedicated to urban mobility. It has been recognized for over 20 years as one of the leading players in the electronic ticketing segment in Brazil.

In order to be one of the major innovative brands in urban mobility – that is, expanding its performance – the challenge was to update its positioning and visual identity in response to this desire for expansion.


In analyzing Transdata’s business and culture as a company, it became clear that innovation and the desire to be a reference were strong characteristics, as well as being connected to the moment of expansion for mobility.

Transdata should determine how the urban mobility market could be from now on, setting itself as the creator of new possibilities and paths.


The new brand represents an evolution in Transdata’s personality.

Taking advantage of the fact that the Brand was totally focused on creating new possibilities for all people, the proposal was to bring as its essence the idea of “connecting paths”.

Its new positioning was built from the standpoint of the benefit – “the reason to be” for this company – that is: to expand human mobility, help people build their path and get where they need it.

After studying trends, competitors and being fully aligned with the new Brand Platform, we created the new Transdata Brand – it was jointly decided that we would give up the “Smart”, a descriptive name that was associated with smart card, and does not make sense anymore for this moment.

Its new symbol represents this innovative, restless, and constantly evolving Transdata personality.


We developed the Brand and the Visual Universe in line with Purpose, Value Proposition and new Positioning. A development based on customer co-creation that has evolved the business and integrated the Brand with its history and new goals as a company. This customer participation generated even more value for the Brand, taking Transdata to another level in the mobility market.


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