Expansion, innovation and creativity

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A company that has grown significantly in recent years, in a market that changes all the time, and with a lot of technological evolution. This was the scenario in which we thought about the role of the “XP Group” corporate brand. The challenge was to build a Brand that represented all business fronts and, at the same time, able to inspire an increasingly dynamic and global future.


Thus, the XP Group became XP Inc. A Brand that can embrace an ever-expanding business portfolio – which includes XP Investimentos, Rico, Clear Broker and InfoMoney – and can travel the world without translation.

It will also integrate under a single corporate brand the company’s purpose and values, and its goals. Each business will play its part, but the results are shared by all.


The new brand seeks to translate this ever-changing, modern and energy-filled organization that wants to go further driven by the sum of its strengths.

Visually, it represents the expansion, with a diagonal inserted in the mark that serves as a window, where various contents can be applied. This makes it a mutant brand that can update itself according to the context, occasion or business followed.

So we make room for every initiative and creative mind that exists at XP Inc.


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