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Strong Brands are born with strong strategies. From there, a unique personality is built, ready to make a difference in the world though an engaging purpose. This is how Youse was born: directly in the 3rd wave of Branding, with a clear purpose of empowering people so they can live more boldly. And the digital experience and communication are set to tell this story in the most different, relevant, unique and consistent way. Presenting: Youse communication. From the strategic to the tactical.


Many markets around the world are undergoing a transformation. So why does the world of insurance continue to do everything the same way? Youse is here to disrupt the logic of this market. To start with, we have the tagline “insurance like you which” questions the widespread practice of off-the-shelf products, and puts into practice the promise of customization.




In May 2016, after starting up conversations with people based on their purpose, the company launched “Your Insurance Contributes”: a business model wherein, for every policy sold, R$1 is deposited into a bank account destined for the sponsorship of collaborative entrepreneurial projects in Brazil. This is all as part of a partnership with Benfeitoria, one of the country’s primary crowdfunding platforms. All in all, we received 314 applications, out of which 12 projects were selected for implementation via match-funding.

Next, we started production on the launch campaign based on the concept of “It Can Be Different” – without hired actors, and without ready-made formulas. The company’s own employees participated in the production of movies and mini-documentaries, together with three innovative collectives who work with technology, robotics and fashion. Instead of “filming,” we called this collaboration an occupation. What led Youse to these collectives? The high-value placed on collaboration and the boldness to do things differently.


Purpose, product, blog, user experience. Youse is all of that and more. How do we align a Brand’s communication with so many initiatives, without losing consistency? Through our position that #itcanbedifferent. After all, who said there couldn’t be an #insurancelikeyou?

The launch film, with a soundtrack created exclusively for Youse, sung by Brazilian musician Curumin, premiered during a commercial break in Fantástico (a Brazilian weekly television news magazine program) on September 4th. The filming of the material was truly an occupation, bringing together three collectives: Acolab (robotics and recycling), Roupa Livre (sustainable fashion) and Coletores (technology and digital street culture). After this, we produced 6 mini-documentaries, in addition to the product launch films.

The company’s 100% online, digital nature demanded a deep interaction among the website, social networks, and Como Ousa, the Brand’s blog. And that’s how we defined, together with the client, what the Brand’s digital experience would be, taking into account UX’s primary attribute: placing the user at the center.


60-, 30- and 15-second films (with the 60-second version being launched during Fantástico), covering topics related to the institution and the product. Always with the support of Always On (a social management company). In addition, the implementation made use of OOH media, radio, and the sponsorship of the reality show The X-Factor.

Get to know Youse’s personality, and see how we brought the Brand to life in the first phase of this full-service project, which is transforming the way of relating to insurance in Brazil.




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