TIP – Transparency, Inspiration and Purpose


11 de May de 2016

In times of conscious consumption and collaborative consumption movements, when “being” becomes more important than “having,” what is the role of Brands in people’s lives? What makes people choose a certain Brand in a time when consumerism is being reconsidered? Will companies that ignore changing expectations continue to grow? In a study on the third wave of Branding, organized by Ana Couto Branding in partnership with the Officina Sophia research institute, a member of the HSR Specialist Researchers Group, these and other questions will be answered.

“Today, no Brand can be just one more on the shelf. Consumers have taken the reins, and they want to have transparent relationships with the Brands they consume. The consumption relationship itself is being replaced with a relationship based on exchange and on a common purpose,” explains Ana Couto, CEO of Ana Couto Branding.

In the new style of relationships between Brands and people, Brands are starting to exist not simply as purchase options, but also as a new way of thinking about business, with much more conscience of its impacts on the world and society as a whole. The results of the study shows the perceptions of consumers across 31 market categories, and reveals how this translates into consumption relationships.

The study that was dubbed “TIP – Transparency, Inspiration and Purpose” will be presented by Ana Couto, a Branding pioneer in the country, and by Paulo Secches, one of the most well-known Brazilian experts in market research and CEO of Officina Sophia, during the Path 2016 Festival. In the talk, they will discuss the role of Brands within contemporary society and the reason why Brands with clear purposes are earning bigger shares of the market. In the end, how do consumers influence this movement?

To read the full study, click here. (available in english soon)[:]